Governor Whitmer's stay at home order has been the source of much debate in the State of Michigan and across the country.  The original stay at home order was received fairly well, but after Whitmer updated the order to be extended and to include the additional stipulations of exactly is considered essential, many Michiganders spoke out.

One of the more popular public spaces that has condemned Whitmer and her stay at home order was the Facebook group "Michiganders Against Excessive Quarantine", which quickly blew up to hundreds of thousands of members.  After the creation of that page, pro-quarantine Michiganders wanted their own place to voice their opinions.

"Michiganders For Staying Home To Defeat COVID-19" was created and has been growing quickly.  This page is devoted to Michiganders who support the stay at home order and want to share their opinions and stories about the pandemic and life in Michigan during the quarantine.  The page seems to have been made in direct response to "Michiganders Against Excessive Quarantine" and has the following description:

A forum for those who want to save lives and aren’t using this pandemic to gain political points against Governor Whitmer.

Like I mentioned in my previous blog, public Facebook groups with memberships this large are full of trolls and misinformation, but if you can effectively weed through that you can find a place to share with like minded individuals.

I'm trying to not share my opinion one way or another about these two Facebook pages, but I will say that please be safe, healthy, and abide by the guidelines put forth by the CDC.

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