Last year was difficult because a lot of us were forced to spend more time at home and some of us even quarantined alone. I'm not quite sure I would've gotten through the year without the help of my furry companions.

One of the best things to come from 2020 was how many people helped empty animal shelters by adopting. 750,000 animals have been adopted from shelters since the beginning of the pandemic.

Connecticut holds the record for the most animals adopted. 89% of animals that entered shelters at the beginning of the pandemic found their forever home. Rhode Island and New Hampshire weren't far behind. Their rates were 82% and 80%.

Michigan's adoption rate was pretty impressive too. Our overall intake at the start of the pandemic was 27,729 pets and 17,425 of them were adopted, that's 62.8%.

Do you think Michigan's full of cat or dog people? It looks like we're a cat kind of state, and we're not the only midwestern state that dig cats. Indiana and Wisconsin also enjoy a feline companion. Illinois, Ohio, and Minnesota favored dogs.

I love all animals, but I'm really proud hear that cat adoptions have been high in Michigan. I know a lot of people who say they aren't "cat people." Believe it or not, I used to be one of them. That changed after I started working in the veterinary field and was around cats all the time. They're such an easy pet to have because they're low maintenance. You don't have to potty train them and they're independent. So, you feel honored whenever they decide to grace you with their presence. Below are my cats, Grayson & Ra's.

Photo Cred Erica Gray
Photo Cred Erica Gray
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