In her defense, the joke site was called But did she really think it would be THAT easy to off her ex?

This woman probably should have realized you can't hire people like this through a normal Google search . . .

A 51-year-old woman near Detroit named Wendy Wein wanted to KILL her ex-husband.  So she searched online and found a website called

The entire site is just a joke.  It claims to have 18,000 hitmen stationed around the country . . . that it's headquartered at the Mar-a-Lago Club . . . and that the company recently had to cut ties with the Illuminati and Jeffrey Epstein.

It also brags about being "HIPPA" compliant, which they say stands for the, quote, "Hitman Information Privacy and Protection Act of 1964."

Somehow, she still fell for it and filled out a request form detailing how she wanted her ex-husband killed.  Then whoever runs the site saw the request come through and called the cops.

They set up a sting in a parking lot, and arrested her when she offered an undercover cop $5,000 for the hit, plus travel expenses.  She's facing charges for solicitation to commit murder.

The website claims they have prevented 140 murders and school shootings by sending terribly misguided and dumb people to the police.

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