An Arenac County woman recently spent three days in the hospital and received 21 stitches after being attacked and pinned down by a deer on her own property.

This is truly one of the most bizarre stories I've heard involving a deer attacking a human. I know it happens from time to time but this one is really wild.

According to MLive, on Sept. 26, DNR officers responded to a residence in the Au Gres area for a report of an antlered white-tailed deer having attacked a woman.

64-year-old Patty Jean Willis was tending to her chicken coop prior to heading to church when all of a sudden she saw a deer charging at her with its antlers down.

Patty Jean Willis:

It hit me hard and knocked me back at least 10 feet on my back. I grabbed its antlers somehow in the process. They were the first thing I could grab. I was in shock.

She said that she screamed like she's never screamed in her life and thought she was done for.

 I thought, This is it, I’m not gonna make it. My arms were failing me.

Her 45-year-old son heard the screams and came running. Luckily, he was able to scare off the deer. However, it did return and tried to attack again. Her husband came out and shot at the deer but missed.

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She received 21 stitches in her hip, leg, and hand. She was also bruised up pretty bad.

She said that the deer was very dangerous and tried to kill her. I think that's a fair assessment.

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What made the encounter really weird (aside from the attack) was that the deer was wearing an orange collar. It's believed that a family living in the area took the deer in as a pet which is, of course, illegal to do in Michigan.

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