Honestly, what's wrong with us. We're in the middle of a pandemic. We've gone from hoarding toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer, and water...to this.

Not being able to clean up after ourselves.

And this problem didn't just happen.

It's just so blatant right now. And it's staring at us from the parking lots of the grocery stores we all go to on lockdown.

What's happening is, people are using surgical gloves to protect themselves from the coronavirus and other germs while they are out shopping. And we already told you how folks are not using them correctly. A nurse had to school everyone on cross contamination.

Now Jessica Thomas of Shelby Charter Township, Michigan has had enough of all the litter bugs. And has taken it upon herself to educate folks on how to dispose of the gloves in these things apparently called "trash cans"? Have you heard of them? Take a look. Yeah, she's gone viral. Good job.


Sadly, this ain't just a Michigan problem. It's everywhere.

Garbage Cans Are Not Cancelled—COVID-19 Trash on Twitter

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