Drinking while hiking is encouraged at some wineries not too far from Lansing. OMG, this just screams Monica. I love the outdoors and I love wine, so this is a win-win for me and my friends.

Michigan is home to many different wineries located all over the state, and they are putting out a fantastic product. In the Lansing area, we have the Burgdorf Winery, which is in Haslett. Their wines are fantastic and they will even personalize a label for you as well which is a great birthday or Fathers Day gift idea.

A short drive to southern Michigan is where the Tabor Hill and Round Barn wineries are located. I have been to both of those places and love their wines. Now the two are offering a 3.6-mile hike, which connects the two wineries. Here is the best part: hiking the Mt.Tabor Trail to-go glasses of wine is highly encouraged. Crazy, right? Those two wineries have seriously upped their game.

There are a couple of different trails you can take. One is a longer hike and is a bit more challenging, there is also an easy trail you can take and not even spill a drop of wine. It's like they thought of everything.

It doesn't matter which winery you start from, both Tabor Hill and Round Barn connect via the hiking trail. After your wine-fueled hike, you can pop in for another glass.

As we enjoy this warm spring weather, this girl's thoughts turn to wineries, wine, and now hiking (with a glass of wine of course).

Mama loves her wine.

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