The fine people at Farm Bureau Insurance conducted their annual survey and to no one's surprise, it will cost more for that turkey dinner this year. On the average, you might pay as much as 23% more. That's enough to encourage some people to just find a restaurant and call it good. Tradition costs. Everything is more expensive and it sucks. Fortune can help you break down that cost.

People are trying to find ways to save money and it does mess with tradition. The common theme is to cut a dish from the menu. In my case, go ahead and lose the green bean casserole. I will not be sad about that, but you touch the yams and we have issues. Treat the holiday like every other day. Make sure you look for deals, cut coupons, and maybe divide up the cooking between the family. If they are coming to your house, make them bring a dish. One less for you to wash and they can eat the food cost there.

Thanksgiving Dinner in Afghanistan
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I suppose we should expect this. I mean we all see what it looks like at the pump and in the stores. Wallet Hub ranked the best cities to go for Thanksgiving. Only one Michigan city made it in the top 100. Detroit at number 93. I would guess that has more to do with the game than the food.

In any case, Thanksgiving is still the best holiday. It is about time with the people you love or tolerate. We are not pilgrims so no one says the dinner needs to be turkey and all the sides. Crack open some pasta, make some sauce, bake some garlic bread, and share a meal with the important people. You can start a new tradition. It might not be the same, but it will be yours!


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