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It's looking like Michigan will no longer give updates on Sundays when it comes to updated data on COVID-19 including cases, deaths, and testing.

According to WXYZ and the state's Department of Health and Human Services, beginning this Sunday, that data will only be reported Monday-Saturday, as the state said weekend data can be erratic and generally lower than other days due to reduced testing and lab staffing.

Sorry to report if you're one of those people that watches the numbers every single day, you're going to have to take a day off. To be totally honest, you shouldn't be staring at those numbers every day anyway, it'll drive you nuts. That's what Iw as during when the whole pandemic first started and it wasn't healthy. Over the last few months, haven't paid much attention. I simply wear a mask in public and just do my part.

MDHHS Director Robert Gordon:

At this time, reporting on Sunday rather than Monday is not critical to our understanding of the virus. This change will allow staff who have not had a real day off since February to get some relief and allow the department to prioritize more valuable data reporting, including school outbreak information.

From now on, the info will be reported on Monday for Sunday and Monday, that includes Labor Day.

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