I think that we can all agree, that prices at the register, are INSANE! It's not just your regular food items anymore either. It's everything!

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From the gas in your car to the price of tissue paper. It's all going up! What if we told you too, that Walmart was up charging you while you used their self check outs?

Could Walmart Be Increasing The Prices At Self-Checkouts?

It's almost diabolical that anyone would do this, but nearly 1,600 Walmart stores, are currently being accused of overcharging their customers.

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While it should be noted, not every items was overcharged, in facts, there were some instances of undercharging at the self-checkout lanes. According to Walmart, there was a glitch in their system, which wouldn't place the correct price on items at their self check outs.

This includes items such as food, technology and clothing.

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Walmart did respond to the incident, saying that a reimbursement to customers that may have been overcharged at the registers would happen.

So if you were overcharged, no worries, it looks like Walmart is doing justice for you.

Wolterk/Getty Images
Wolterk/Getty Images

Walmart was at one point looking to invest more in their self-check out lanes, however, they pulled back on that project due to statistics coming back from customers.

However, it should be noted, that stores such as Target have decreased the usage on self-checkouts do to theft and crimes happening at self-checkouts. Customers were either neglecting to scan their items or forgetting to, leading to a high level of theft from the store.

Could Walmart be following in suit, trying to protect their assets?

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