It seems crazy to hear that something so simple could be modified. I mean, how can you beat something so simple as red, yellow, and green.

Unsplach: Paul Marsan
Unsplach: Paul Marsan

We all know what it means, and its a staple across the country since 1923.

Why Michigan Could Be Adding A Fourth Light!

In a digital age that is constantly evolving and changing, some of the same actions and products we've used for the past 100 years, are becoming obsolete, or just unable to function with the current times we are in.

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So why exactly is the simple system of stop, slow down and go?

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According to Traffic Technology Today, they are attempting to propose a new way that we do traffic.

In areas with a white light, human drivers would quite simply follow autonomous vehicles and their flow of traffic.

This sounds crazy, but instead of sitting at a red light for what seems like an eternity, the AV's, could help speed up that process of light changes.

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Some areas have already seen traffic lights that change to green or red depending on the amount of traffic they sense at a light. This would be the same instance but in a more digital and modern world.

When Would We See White Lights in Michigan?

While the concept is cool, as this could reduce the slow down at the lights, AV's aren't something you see too much of yet on the roads. At this point in time, AVs are a minority of cars on the roads.

red traffic light in the city street
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That could change, however, as time continues to evolve as well as the AV market.

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