Have you heard about this wonderful story?

Hunter Gandee, a Bedford Junior High student in Temperance, did something awesomely amazing for his 7 year old brother Braden last week. Braden suffers from cerebral palsy and cannot walk unassisted so Hunter walked 40 miles with Braden on his back to raise money for cerebral palsy awareness.

The boy's mother had a dream that Hunter and Braden walked from their hometown of Temperance to Mackinac to raise money for CP. Hunter jumped on board right away but they decided to make it a two day trip and walk to U of M instead. He sold wristbands at his school and was able to raise $350 in March for cerebral palsy awareness month.

With a group of family and friends walking with them, they started their trek this past Saturday and finished up Sunday at Bahna Wrestling Center at U of M, with a huge group of people there to cheer them on.

Read the whole story here.

Way to go Hunter and Braden!! You are an inspiration to us all!