We've seen it multiple times before where the smoke from forest fires in one region make for especially vibrant sunsets in others and now, we here in Michigan are seeing exactly that due to fires in Canada.

Canadian Forest Fires

MLive, citing the National Weather Service, reports the fires are along our Northern neighbors' west coast.

NPR also reports, according to MLive, 180 fires have been burning in British Columbia, on top of a heatwave, the fires are believed to be caused by lightning as "more than 700,000 strikes were detected from June 30-July 1."

Beautiful Result to an Environmental Tragedy

Of course, forest fires are not a good thing (aside from controlled burns) but as something is taken away, something beautiful is given in return like these beautiful sunsets like what we have been seeing recently in Michigan.

According to MLive, these particular sunsets and sunrises are more orange-red in color, something a bit different from the more pink-tones we are used to seeing!

Where You Can Track It All

The National Weather Service has provided a link on their Facebook page you can use to see a forecast model of the smoke plumes.

They say to go to the NOAA link and select "Vertically Integrated Smoke."

Feel free to share your photos of the spectacular sunsets you see this week or have seen here in Michigan!

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