Michigan State is going to be paying students to leave campus during the COVID-19 crisis. According to WILX, Michigan State University will give refunds to on-campus residents for their cost of room and board. Even though in person classes ended this week and online courses are taking place, some students are still campus due to various circumstances. MSU hopes this payment will push more students off campus.

If you are a student or related to one, then know you have to be off campus by April 12th, 2020 at 5PM to receive the payment. The school's residential and hospitality service will offer on-campus students, including those in on-campus apartments a credit of $1,120. Students will be able to receive the money three ways: through a credit towards housing and dining next fall, a credit for next fall's off-campus dining plan, or get the money directly deposited in their bank account. This is like a stimulus package except you will be forced to find another place to live.

Michigan State is the third school in the state to do this along with Grand Valley and Central Michigan. Finally, you can see more about it and where to go to get more information here.

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