Elon Musk recently changed his title from "CEO of Tesla" to "Technoking of Tesla" but he should probably be working harder at fixing the issues with autopilot mode on the vehicles instead.

Now, we get it the autopilot mode has never been sold to us as being something you can just completely let go and stop paying attention. However, Tesla's website does state: "Autopilot enables your car to steer, accelerate and brake automatically within its lane." Key words here: "brake" and "automatically".

With that in mind, can someone explain how this Tesla in autopilot was able to, as WILX reports, strike a PARKED Michigan State Police (MSP) vehicle?

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That's right, according to WILX, early on the morning of March 17th, state troopers from the Lansing post of the MSP were tending to a car-deer collision with when the self-driving vehicle smacked into the patrol car.

Luckily there were no injuries...except for the Tesla owner's bank account. Of course, those repairs on that car are going to be pricey but so will the citations issued for "failure to move over" and "driving with a suspended license."

Yes you read that right, a suspended license...we guess maybe if the car is driving itself you don't need a valid license, right?

Honestly, as much as the blame falls mostly on the owner of the Tesla, some of the blame should fall on Mr. "Technoking" and his company.

I mean, this man is supposed to send people to Mars? And then what? Let the self-flying rockets crash into the moon? No thanks.

This incident has since spurred, as reported by CNBC, yet another investigation by NHTSA into the safety of Tesla and their autopilot technology.

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