With the holidays here and more people on the road the Michigan State Police (MSP) is looking to keep drivers and passengers safe through their travels.  To do this according to WILX, the MSP will participate in the annual Operation C.A.R.E. (Crash Awareness and Reduction Efforts) Lifesaver Weekend. Lifesavers week is during the first full weekend before Christmas. The reason behind Lifesavers Weekend is obviously to keep people safe during their holiday travels but also to reduce dangerous driving behaviors that cause these crashes and injuries.

Expect to see troopers all over the highways to be looking for distracted, impaired, or drugged drivers. They say that no driver under these circumstances will be tolerated. So if you are going to driving this weekend make sure to NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE and if its late try not to go out driving. The crackdown will be enforced from Friday, Dec. 21 to Sunday, Dec. 23.

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