Yes this is according to a recent poll. Do you feel the same?

The poll that ESPN did measured all 128 Division 1-FBS teams on program power, rivalry dominance, coaching stability, recruiting trends, revenue, and Twitter buzz. Because of all of these trends, Michigan State fans are supposedly the 115th happiest fan base among 128 FBS programs. The number is last in the Big Ten, four spots behind Illinois and 42 spots behind Rutgers, which finished almost as bad at 2-10 in 2016.

The "Fan Happiness Index" based its rankings on six categories. According to the metrics, MSU earned a "distraught" rating.

The poll says that Michigan State fans are "distraught" and that "FPI projects Michigan State to have another losing season this year - and apparently the fans can sense it," the study reads. To see where all of the other Big Ten teams are, like U of M, you can see it here

One more note about other Michigan schools such as in the MAC conference, Western Michigan (45) and Central Michigan (56) and Eastern Michigan (97th). So it looks like Michigan State will have to have a good year this year or they could fall even lower, somehow.

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