We've all been there. Driver's training. And then the test to get your license. And the moment we feared. PARALLEL PARKING!

Amazingly enough, we now live in a world where we have cars that will do that for you. However, it is still part of the test to get your license.

And some folks don't like that. They don't like paying for taking the test, failing that part, and then being denied the chance to move on to the on-road portion of the test. So, they want it gone. And they have gone to their state rep to have it removed.


Michigan State Rep. Sarah Lightner (R-Springport) is behind the legislation. She says her constituents came to her upset after paying an average of 50 dollars for a driving test, only to fail the parallel parking portion thus preventing them from moving on to the on-road driving portion. (WILX)

Folks, this is bill is headed to the House Transportation Committee.

You can't pass a portion of a test. So you want that part removed. Has this been an option all along? For every test? This is almost participation trophy bad.

You need to know how to parallel park right? Is it just me?

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