Anyone else noticing an increase in recalls recently? On top of it all too, this time... it's a recall on water in Michigan.


I think we all know Michigan is all too familiar with water issues here in the state. Lucky for us this time. The spotlight isn't on something we did.

Check Your Pantries - Michigan Has a Recall Affect On Water!

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a recall of 78,533 cases of water are being recalled here in the state of Michigan, Ohio and a few other states, after high levels of manganese as well as other bacteria were found in the water bottles.

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According to the National Institute of Health, there has been a manganese toxicity developed by those who consume water containing high levels of manganese.

This Brand Is Recalling Their Product in Michigan

According to the FDA, Natural Waters of Viti Limited have recalled their cases of water, which include:

Canva Pro
Canva Pro

Fiji Natural Artesian Water 500 mL (24 pack)

The recall, which was initiated on March 4th was voluntary and is still ongoing. However, a Spokesperson for the company said that this product will not likely cause adverse health consequences.

For those who may have purchased the product and wanted more information, they can contact Fiji Water at 1-866-4149.

Consumers can get a refund and or throw the product away if they have one of the affected cases of water.

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