Mel Tucker and Michigan State are on a recruiting roll.

Coming into this month, MSU had more 4-star-and-up recruits scheduled for official visits in June than any other college football program. And as of Monday, Tucker has gotten verbal commitments from five of them, elevating Michigan State's 2023 class into the Top 10 nationally, according to 247Sports:

  • 4-star cornerback Chance Rucker
  • 4-star wide receiver Demetrius Bell
  • 4-star linebacker Jordan Hall
  • 4-star cornerback Jaylon Braxton
  • 4-star offensive lineman Clay Wedin
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On Friday, Tucker upped the ante. Michigan State brought several luxury sports vehicles, including a Ferrari, onto the Spartan Stadium turf for recruits to pose with for photos.

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It's obviously a smart move as these kinds of things move the needle in recruiting nowadays.

But Michigan punter Brad Robbins, somehow arriving at the conclusion that his opinion on this matters, took to Twitter to let everyone know what he thinks. Robbins, who appears to be under the misconception that punters are people too, tweeted a thinly veiled critique of Tucker's and MSU's recruiting tactics.

That's obviously a shot at what MSU was doing at Spartan Stadium at almost exactly the same time as the above tweet. But Robbins, Michigan Man that he is, seems to have conveniently forgotten a few important things.

Just a few years ago, Robbins' own coach, Jim Harbaugh, appeared in a music video driving a Michigan-themed Corvette.

Michigan football has also hosted multiple celebrities and famous athletes, including at its Signing With The Stars event held on National Signing Day.

But even as recently as three weeks ago, several Michigan players were able to experience a Lamborghini.

You'll have to forgive Robbins' memory, or lack thereof. He might still be a little woozy after Quavaris Crouch blew him up on that botched punt in the third quarter of Michigan State's win over Michigan last season.

But seriously. Robbins saw the photos of recruits with a Ferrari at Spartan Stadium and decided to lecture Little Brother from his pedestal of perceived moral superiority — all while blatantly ignoring his school having done the exact same thing as recently as three weeks prior. That kind of bad-faith sanctimony and outright hypocrisy is the real Michigan Difference.

This is the punter — the PUNTER! — participating in Michigan's time-honored tradition of pharisaicalness.

Mark Dantonio was right — it comes from the program.

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