Pure Michigan. There's nothing like it. And it's way more than a catchy tourism campaign slogan voiced by "Tim The Tool Man Taylor".

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It's everything from Petoskey stones.

WILDKYLE via YouTube

To pictured rocks.

Photo by Dennis Buchner on Unsplash

Lots of nature, lots of deer (try not to hit them if you can).

Photo by Anders Mellerup on Unsplash

Lots and lots of trees. Oh and by the way if you're out hiking, and you come across some of these...

Courtesy of Michigan DNR

DNR is paying top dollar for a bushel of red pine cones.

According to fox47news.com in September, Michiganders can go out and pick red pine cones and then bring them to DNR. Wow, how cool is that?

If you collect a bushel of red pine cones you can make $75.00, that is a nice chunk of change.
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The next time you're on a nature hike, can you be on the lookout for this?

Bruce Johnson via Facebook

And once you figure out what it is, could you please tell me.

My buddy Bruce saw it growing out of a tree stump near Grayling and shared it.

The "growth" was on a tree stump at our cabin east of Grayling. The stump is one of 3 trees that were cut 10 - 15 years ago. I've never noticed a growth like that on our property before but we do have regular toad stool kinds of mushrooms. We get false morels in the spring in the yard and every once in a while a true morel or 2. The stumps are on the edge of a wooded area. They're not near any obvious water source.

He said it looks like candy corn. Someone said it's "chicken of the woods"?

What's that? Is that a real thing? Is it a mushroom? Is it safe to eat? Is it psychedelic?

Let us know on our socials or message us your forest and fungus wisdom using our station app.

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