Mom, Meatloaf!! What is she doing back there? Well, now we know. Meatloaf has always been kind of a joke. I mean it is a very 70s or 80s esque kind of meal.  Thanks to Wedding Crashers , it has also become a movie line that we quote. I suppose you have to thank Chaz for offering his mom to make one. Now a Michigan mom is going viral thanks to a very artistically done meatloaf. A mom from Mesick, Mi created a bit of meatloaf art in honor of her son Colin. Well done Melissa! Food art is impressive, but this is pretty darn funny too. Take a look here.

Is meatloaf anyone's first choice? I feel like it was something your mom or grandma made when there was nothing else. There are those who love a good meatloaf sandwich. It might not be what Melissa had in tended, but it's pretty cool that this went viral. In most cases, things go viral because of complaints. It seems like in a lot of cases, a son would get noticed for being terrible. A mom gets spotlighted for bad parenting. Food gets the nod for being less than stellar. Not in every case, but most. This is cool for a couple of reasons. A mom that has a great relationship with her son. She was just trying to do something cute for him helping out. The fact that they are from Michigan is a bonus. When the state gets good press for something positive, how can you be mad at that?

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