Halloween is going to look different this year, with a lot of us trying come up with safe ways to celebrate the holiday.

Well, I think one Michigan man has a great idea! Check out his sweet zip line that delivers treats to kids AND their parents!

Matt Thompson is a woodworking wizard who's brought us genius ideas in the past like the Michigan Beer Chair and the Mitten State Adirondack That Pours Your Wine.

This time he's set his sights on celebrating Halloween in the time of COVID-19. Thompson shared a video to Facebook of his socially distanced trick-or-treating device that zooms out to the sidewalk with candy for the kids and cold ones for the parents.



Thompson Woodworks is located in Garden City, Mich. According to Thompson's Facebook page, he's currently working on a bottle opener/ squirrel feeder and bird resort!

Thompson Woodworks website and Instagram feature even more cool products like chore wheels and Michigan-themed beer caddies, coolers, and corn-hole boards.

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