There was a time when you rushed to your local video store for a movie night. Blockbuster changed the game for video rental in the 90s. Massive amounts of new releases to rent and other cool stuff too. They are gone. They have one store left and it is in Bend, Oregon. That is a pretty big road trip to rent a movie. Family Video out lasted Blockbuster, but they closed their doors as well. Side note, there is a cool article on that will show you where blockbuster used to be.  We then moved into Netflix, Redbox, and finally we just stream. Who rents things anymore?

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In case you ever wondered what the first movie released on VHS in America was? There were two of them. Patton and Sound of Music. You can find a lot of second hand stores that sell Blu-Rays, DVDs, and Video Cassettes. What about a rental shop? There is one and it is not in Oregon. Michigan does have one. Video Exclusive is in Dearborn Heights.

I hope they hang on. Technology is great, but video stores were fun. You got excited to get a new release, found out everyone else rented it before you got there, and discovered something else while looking for an alternative. There was no buffering due to bad internet connection. I mean I guess you did have to adjust the tracking on your VCR. There was also the chance that someone else scratched up the DVD on the last rental, but it was still fun.

I don't expect anyone to quit there streaming habits, but it is fun to revisit the past. Remember, Be kind and rewind.


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