The working field is always changing and evolving. Your current job, was different ten years ago, versus what it currently is.

Nothing is permanent or set in stone.

Time move's quick as do a lot of jobs and industries. Some of the jobs that were around 100 years ago are jobs that are no longer around. Even a lot of positions that were needed 15 years ago aren't needed any longer.


The Top Jobs In Michigan 150 Years Ago

Ever curious as to what Michiganders were doing over 150 years ago?

The jobs our ancestors had are definitely different than the average desk job most of us all have today.

From miners to farmers, to even masons. Take a look at the most popular jobs that Michiganders had over 150 years ago.

Jobs In Michigan That Were Most Common 150 Years Ago

We've heard the stories of our parents and grandparents going to snow during blizzards, tsunamis, and more. But the jobs our relatives had 150 years ago, may have actually been that way. Take a look at the top jobs of 150 years ago.

Do you have any retro photos of your families working from over 150 years ago? They probably are in a very different career than what you are currently in today.

If You Have Any of These Jobs In Michigan, I'm Kind of Jealous of You

Not because working as a content creator and on air personality is dull (far from it), but it would be fun to shake things up once in a while.

25 Highest Paying Jobs In Michigan

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