Michigan's Holiday Travel forecast includes fewer drivers, lower gas prices, and a chance of snow.

A few bright spots in an otherwise relentless year of COVID-19 and the coinciding social distancing, masks, and cancelations. This year there will be fewer travelers on the road, lower gas prices at the pump for those making a holiday pilgrimage, and the possibility of a white Christmas.

According to AAA, the roads will be less crowded as they say 34 million Americans are choosing to stay home this Christmas. While that is a significant decrease that doesn't mean the roads will be empty. AAA says that still leaves 84.5 million Americans that still may travel between December 23 through January 3. Click here to see AAA's interactive COVID-19 Travel Restrictions map for what rules and policies each area has in place.

GasBuddy.com says that gasoline prices in the U.S. have declined over the last week as there is less demand for gasoline. The lower prices are attributed to rising COVID-19 cases and continued restrictions. The national average for a gallon of gas fell this week to a national average of $2.14. The lower prices are not expected to last. GasBuddy.com says that with a vaccine being rolled out and millions expected to be vaccinated that a long upward trend will begin as many Americans will look forward to resuming travel and vacations. View local gas prices by clicking here.

Last but not least, will we have a white Christmas? Keep in mind that any weather forecast for Christmas is likely to vary as the day gets closer but an initial weather forecast by MLive's Mark Torregrossa shows that precipitation is forecasted while temperatures will be at or near freezing.

Much of the data shows a weak weather system on Christmas Eve Day or perhaps Christmas Day. Below is the average precipitation amount forecast for Christmas Eve into Christmas Day. The forecast is in liquid amounts and shows the potential of between one-tenth and three-tenths of an inch of liquid. Remember, where it’s cold enough that could be one to three inches of snow. ~MLive's Mark Torregrossa

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