This is probably a pretty bad idea to begin with. Soon, coming to the shelves of Michigan grocery and liquor stores, will be powered alcohol. All you have to do is take the package, add your 6 ounces of water, and then hey, there you go. Look at that, just add water solution to getting drunk. All the regular law applies because the powder is still alcohol based so you still have to be 21, but I do believe that this is not a good idea. Parents and I think people in general, believe that this is also a dangerous thing to have on the shelves. According to the Lansing State Journal, the maker of the product, says "people have exaggerated concerns because they don't understand the product." A poll suggests that 3 out of 5 parents agree that this is a horrible idea and understand the product.

Personally, and I'm not prude here, I think all of you know that, but I'm all about safety also. Especially when it comes to minors. This seems like a product that could easily get in to the hands of the under aged crowd. On the other side of things, people should be able to try a product and people should be able to sell a product without it having to be banned totally, and maybe they can try out a test run or something and see how people are obtaining the product. To me, it's a tricky situation. I know how easy it is for under aged people to obtain alcohol now, let alone in a little pouch or something. A ban could also not be beneficial because it could lead to an underground source of income and obtaining. All things to think about. What do YOU think?