We're getting closer to having a spaceport in Michigan. 50 years ago, Michigan was the launch site of some small rockets, but the idea has recently resurfaced of making Michigan a real alternative to California and Florida for the space industry.

According to abc12.com, the Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association has chosen Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport as the best site for a potential spaceport. Their next step is to

continue studying the feasibility and submit a detailed report to the Michigan Economic Development Corp. this spring.

Oscoda is on the coast of Lake Huron on the east side of Michigan. The airport was formerly Wurtsmith Air Force Base, from which nuclear armed B-52s operated for 30 years during the Cold War. It has a lot of space available for development and an 11,800 foot long runway.

And yes - in October of 1975, Wurtsmith Air Base was the site of a highly documented UFO sighting.

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