There is always something going on in space and this week we are going to be able to see a great show. According to MLive, even though the Orionid meteor shower may have peaked last night and this morning, it will continue this week, with meteors coming from the direction of the constellation Orion.

If you want to check it out, obviously look up to the south, it's the one with three stars in a row (Orion's belt). If you are thinking that the meteors are coming from Orion's Belt they actually aren't but it is actually debris left by Haley's Comet and the Earth is making its rotation in the area.

Along with being able to see the Orionid meteor shower this week also marks the appearance of the Hunter's Moon. The moon will officially be full on Wednesday and it will rise at dusk and set in the west early in the morning. So, early morning this week on Wednesday and Thursday before sunrise, might be the best time to see the meteors.

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