So if you have a teen in football, this coming season get ready for shorter practices and hopefully less injuries. According to WLNS, full-contact football practices at Michigan high schools will be limited to 30 minutes per week to reduce injuries. This new rule was voted on and passed through the Michigan HS Athletic Association. The association also voted to reduce the amount of full contact allowed in preseason workouts.

Michigan isn't the first to do this as New Jersey first implemented these shorter practice rules. The shorter practices are hopefully going to reduce injuries in teens and younger children. Michigan joined New Jersey in this shorter practice rules because of a non-profit called, Practice Like Pros was founded in 2013 as a movement to reduce youth football injuries. The group says that 58% of concussions in high school football happen on the practice field, compared with 4% in the NFL. In addition, concussions while in High School are can be potentially worse as the brain is growing up until most of us are in our twenties.


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