Everyone has things that creep them out. Some of those things flat out scare us. Is there anything that scares you so much that you can't be around it? I am not even taking about creepy things. Some people are petrified of the dentist. If we're being honest, the sound of that drill is a bit horrifying.

Michiganders fear spiders above all other things. A little arachnophobia goes a long way through the mitten. Personally, I accept that spiders kill other bugs and are kind of like our protectors. I also hold out hopes that one will bite me and give me Spider-Man powers. Granted, odds of the latter happening are not great.

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Last Tuesday was National Face Your Fears Day. I didn't know that such a day existed, but there is a theme for almost every day. Facing your fears is a big deal. Erin Molan is a radio host and agreed to face her arachnophobia by letting a small tarantula crawl across her hand. Things got a bit intense. Actually, it got a lot intense. It turns out she was more afraid of spiders than anyone realized.  They didn't even get the spider on her and she passed out. Legit fainted. She is ok. She was awake and laughing about it, but it scared everyone so much that they had to cut the segment short and play commercials. Have you ever seen anyone faint?

The show posted the whole thing on their Facebook page. Check it out at the link.

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