You can smell it now, can't you?

The turkey has been in the oven, the stuffing is being made, that green bean casserole is heating up and everything is right with the world.

You put on your best clothes that say "I'm trying to look nice but also need room for my inevitable food baby" and you stuff your face like nobody's business. The Lions are losing on the TV in the background amid the sounds of chewing and family getting together.

Now that we have set the scene, it's time to talk about the most important question: out of the whole spread, what are you going for first?

Americans as a Whole, Go For 'Taters the Most

I mean, who can blame us? Potatoes are THE most versatile of all the vegetables. You can mash 'em, you can bake 'em, you can scallop 'em and throw some cheese on top, you can even just fry them to make one of America's favorite side dishes.

America lives and thrives by the potato, which is exactly why when research website, Zippia, did a little digging to find out each of the 50 states' favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

Potatoes of all kinds reigned supreme, based on their research, but mashed potatoes were at the top of nine states, with other variations of potato sprinkled in throughout.

Michigan's Favorite Thanksgiving Food

Of course, being Michiganders, we love to carbo-load over the holidays and what better time to kick it off than Thanksgiving?

Like most of America, the carbs and starches are our favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner, just in a different form.

Here in Michigan, we know we love our bread! Now Zippia confirms it's specifically, ROLLS BABY!

The way Zippia was able to figure this out was they took 20 iconic foods associated with Thanksgiving and cross-referenced them with Google Trends data from each state to see which food was searched the most around Thanksgiving in each state.

So, while rolls may not be as big of a part of YOUR family's Thanksgiving, they are for others and the data don't lie!

For example, one year my aunt and uncle hosted Thanksgiving for our family and most of our sides were actually Pilipino dishes like lumpia and pancit.

Everyone has their different traditions and that's what Thanksgiving is all about. What's YOUR favorite Thanksgiving food?

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