Soldiers who served during World War I are undoubtedly all gone by now.

The remaining soldiers who served during World War II are diminishing in numbers every day.

Each war that involved Americans all had mindsets of their own. The mindset during WWII was incredible, and something of which we will never see the likes of again. Almost the entire population came together as one: all religions, all political rivals, all races, all for a cause. All to put an end to war, all to do volunteer work, sacrificing money, buying bonds, planting victory gardens...holding drives for rubber, metals, and plastics. Kids, adults, teens...all were trying to do their part and make a difference.

The soldiers then - and now as well - that returned from war brought war baggage home with them. Many of those who witnessed death - deaths of their closest buddies and enemies they killed – remained tight-lipped about their war experiences...not wanting to talk about them, not wanting to remember.

The photo gallery below shows Michigan's part in World Wars I & II.

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