According to a new study, Michigan drivers are the best in the country but this only goes for certain drivers. The new study was done by and the study had to say that Michigan has the best drivers. If you are wondering how the rankings were done was because of vehicle crashes, speeding tickets, DUIs, citations and fatalities in 2018.

I know that you are asking yourself this doesn't seem right cause there are crashes all of the time in Michigan. And you are right as this study uses data from insured drivers, so that doesn't take into account all of the uninsured drivers all over the state.

The top 5 worst states for drivers are; #1 Maine, #2 South Carolina, #3 Nebraska, #4 California, #5 North Dakota. The best states for drivers; #1 Michigan, #2 Illinois, #3 Arizona, #4 Oklahoma, #5 Mississippi. You can see more of the data here. 

Also, car crashes are a leading cause of deaths in the country and in 2018 there were expected to be 40,000 cause by car crashes.  So be careful on the roads the rest of the weekend and next week as we will be seeing a lot nasty weather making our drives harder.

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