It is is Deer season and while you are looking for your next buck the Michigan DNR is working to prevent the chronic wasting disease from spreading to more deer here in our area. Michigan DNR is also working with the US Dept of Agriculture to either eliminate deer that may have the disease or to get more deer tested. They will also donate the deer meat that isn't infected to hunger groups around Michigan.

Michigan DNR is also telling you if you see any deer that look thin and sickly, call their twenty four hour hotline immediately, 1-800-292-7800. It will help with trying to fight off the disease in them. Do not shoot or kill any deer in Lansing as you are not allowed to hunt in Lansing's city limits

There are also Deer Check Locations:

  • Lansing Customer Service Center Phone: 517-284-4740 Address: 4166 Legacy Parkway, Lansing, MI
  • Rose Lake Field Office Phone: 517-641-4092 Address: 8903 Stoll Road, East Lansing, MI
  • Williamstown Township Hall Phone: 517-641-4092 Address: 4990 N. Zimmer Road, Williamston, MI
  • Eagle Park Phone: 517-641-4092 Address: 14318 S. Grange Rd., Eagle, MI
  • Riley Township Hall Phone: 517-641-4092 Address: 7110 W. Pratt Rd., Dewitt, MI
  • Waterloo Wildlife Office Phone: 517-522-4097 Address: 13578 Seymour Road, Grass Lake, MI
  • Jerome Country Market Phone: 517-522-4097 Address: 8985 E. Chicago Road, US-12, Jerome, MI

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