Personal Protection Equipment or PPE has become a hot button topic across the country due to the coronavirus. Because of that, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is announcing their grant program to help places that need PPE.

The MDHHS have announced the start of their $25 million grant program for PPE, which they say will allow medical facilities and other providers to keep their staff and patients safe. The grant program is funded through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act or the CARES Act. The grant is meant to help cover the cost of PPE that medical facilities need and will be in $250,000 grants.

Places that are constantly interacting with people will be able to get the grant first. Pretty much any business that works with people can apply for a grant. Some of the businesses are: dentists, pharmacies, funeral directors and mortuary services. You can apply for one or tell others about it by going here.

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