With the recent news that David Spade will be filling in as a guest host for the next season of The Bachelor, it gives me a chance to absolutely unleash my inner David Spade fangirl.

While it may seem odd that a 24-year-old woman in Michigan is in love with 56-year-old comedy genius David Spade, I'm going to walk you through it and hope you understand.

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How It All Started

My dad was a big fan of Saturday Night Live and especially the iteration of the show that featured big names like Spade, Adam Sandler and Chris Farley (just to name a few).

Of course, movies that featured the "Bad Boys of SNL" were always on repeat growing up but the ones that featured Spade were always the ones that stuck with me.

Movies like Tommy Boy, The Emperor's New Groove, and of course Joe Dirt remain some of my favorites to this day but Spade's role in the TV sitcom Just Shoot Me was what had five-year-old Maitlynn convinced she was going to marry him.

I don't know what made me love him so much, honestly. I mean, he's adorable, he has an identifiable voice and just the overall sense of humor I have carried with me my whole life, partially thanks to him.

Now imagine my surprise when young me found out a few years ago that the man I had grown up idolizing was actually born right here in Michigan!

David Spade's Michigan Connections

If you didn't know, Biography.com confirms it, "David Wayne Spade was born on July 22, 1964, in Birmingham, Michigan."

While he did move to Scottsdale, Arizona at the age of four, Spade still remembers a few things.

"I do remember snow and a tornado," MLive reports Spade saying before a show with Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider and Nick Swardson at Soaring Eagle in Mt. Pleasant back in 2017.

 "I go there when I can," Spade said. "I don’t know one person there anymore except Kid Rock. I've met Eminem. Rock is actually a buddy of mine. I would go see him. I love Bob Seger. He's one of my all time favorites."
In case you forgot, our Michigan-made men Spade and Kid Rock both were in Joe Dirt together.

It's An Honor To Share A Home State With Spade

While Spade doesn't make it back to Michigan as much as I know I would like; however it is an absolute honor to be born in the same state as him and it is nice to know there is at least a possibility to SOMEDAY bump into him.

Okay, maybe just "bumping" into him is a little far-fetched but 2021 is a year all about manifesting your dreams, right?

So for now, I will curl up with my David Spade memoir, "Almost Interesting" and hope someday we will meet and I can tell him how much he inspired and means to this mid-Michigan millennial.

Maitlynn Mossolle
Maitlynn Mossolle

We can also all make sure to root for our Michigan-made man and wish him luck on The Bachelor  because I know he's a fan!

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