Honestly, we've had it pretty easy this winter. No real snowfall until about Christmas. We might have had enough to give us a little bit of a white Christmas.

It wasn't until after the new year did we see any real snow that stuck around for a bit. And it wasn't or hasn't been that much.

Let's be honest, we've been lucky.

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Especially considering that the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic are getting nailed by a Nor' Easter that's kicking off February and blanketing the area with some significant snowfall.

Heavy snow, gusty winds and coastal flooding could create a historic storm. As of 1 p.m., Central Park had reported 13.3 inches of snow, with 8 inches in the previous six hours, the National Weather Service said. CNN meteorologists say it's possible around 2 feet of snow will blanket the city before the storm passes. (CNN)

This is going to impact travel, public transportation, and most importantly vaccinations for Covid-19.

Now while we dodged that bullet and won't get anywhere near that kind of snow, we will finally be getting some significant cold winter weather starting this weekend and lasting about 2 weeks.

The first cold blast will blow into Michigan this Friday or Saturday. Right now it appears the peak of the cold will have high temperatures running about 20 degrees colder than average. (MLive)

So we're going to be looking at temps around 10 degrees. And that's the high. Morning temperatures could be several degrees below zero. They are forecasting it lasting from about February 6th through the 17th.

And even though we won't get blasted with snow like the Northeast is right now, we could get some significant amounts soon.

There will be several storm systems moving across the Great Lakes over the next three weeks. So not only are we in store for cold, expect some snow too. (MLive)

Take a look at the complete forecast and outlook from our friends at MLive HERE.

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