If you're looking for something new scenery-wise, I am right there with you.

Lansing is a great city to be in, however, sometimes seeing the same scenery every day just gets a little bland and old.

Michigan is a great state and very beautiful, with tons of history to check out. You're doing yourself a displeasure if you're only sticking to the one area you live in. Take a day trip around Michigan, you'll thank me later!

Grab the camera, grab the dogs, grab your kids, and don't forget your best friend.

It's time to take a trip around Michigan and enjoy some history, architecture, and mother nature herself.

These Michigan Cities Make A Perfect Day Trip If You're In Lansing

Have the kids all riled up on a school break or over the summer? Michigan has many attractions you can check out, and they aren't always that far from where you are. We're taking a trip, leaving from the capital city and heading all over the state. Check out a few places you can check out here in the state of Michigan.

What's your favorite Michigan destination? I decided to leave destinations closer to home. We didn't even touch northern Michigan, and we are Michiganders. We all enjoy a nice trip up north to grab some fudge and enjoy the inclusion of northern Michigan.

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This list was built by places that I've either been to or have put on a list to check out at some point, because why not.

Open this station's app, and tell us what you'd add to our list.

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