As the weather outside starts basically screaming "HEY IT'S FALL" and we get closer to Halloween, it's time to start busting out those Halloween classics.

Sure, flicks like "the Nightmare Before Christmas" and others get a lot of credit but let's talk about one that is a favorite for many people all year 'round, "Beetlejuice"!

What's So Special About This Film?

First, let's talk about the absolute ALL-STAR cast!

You've got a young queen of the Halloween season herself, Winona Ryder playing the lovely Lydia Deetz:

Then, of course, you've got a young and dapper Alec Baldwin, a gorgeous Geena Davis by his side, Catherine O'Hara flawlessly portraying the eccentric Delia Deetz, and Michael Keaton as "the ghost with the most" himself, Beetlejuice.

As well as one of the most ICONIC musical breaks of any film ever:

As someone who is extremely into ghost stories and believes in the paranormal, this is a fun may also help that the main characters' last names are a close spelling to my name (or a common mis-spelling) the Maitlands.

It's also a lot more relatable of a movie than we give it credit for.

How is it Relatable to Michiganders?

No matter how wild and out-there these characters may seem, I think there is a way each and every person can see themselves into at least one of them.

Maybe even entire cities. We figured we would break down which Michigan city we associated most with each "Beetlejuice" character. Here's what we came up with:

Which "Beetlejuice" Character is Your Michigan Hometown?

A classic, fun movie to watch around Halloween (or any time of the year) is full of hijinx from "the other side" but from where we sit, we think the characters perfectly encapsulate our own city as well as a few others!

What Michigan Cities or Categories Did We Miss?

Of course, we featured some of the main characters but there are plenty of minor ones throughout the film that could use some recognition.

Do we have any character-city combos we may have missed the mark? Maybe even ones we missed? Let us know!

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