None of this is okay. Obviously this is my opinion on this subject, but man it's 2015. Can we please stop with this stuff. Salt in the wound here? He's from Michigan. According to Fox 17 in Grand Rapids, a business owner in Grandville says that he should be able to exercise his rights as a conservative and won't serve gay customers. I mean, come on man. What have they done to you, dude? Is a gay man money not green enough for you? I simply don't understand the reasoning behind some peoples decision making. No matter where you stand on the side of gay rights as, oh, I don't HUMAN BEINGS, we will move on.

This is a massive diesel business on the west side of the state. Hey, you know what doesn't sound safe? Bringing in guns to a business like that. You know what sounds like a horrible idea? THAT. I understand wanting to flex your rights when you're able to, especially when you own a business. I totally respect that. When you put other people in danger, especially if they are as hard headed as the man making these rules, there could be something that goes very wrong. I know there are a lot of conservative types of people in Michigan. Primarily right here in mid Michigan and on the west side. But there has to be a point where we look at people for exactly what they are. People. Who cares what you do in your spare time. It simply doesn't affect you. Ugh. Come on.