A northern Michigan beach has started a ban smoking at its parks, beaches and trails and you have to wonder if this will spread statewide. According to WILX, Traverse City Record-Eagle reports the Elk Rapids Village Council voted Monday to approve the ban, following complaints about discarded cigarette butts. The plan is for people to self-police this ban and if you are caught you could get a civil infraction.

So the ban includes smoking of any tobacco product or other plant, such as marijuana, whether smoked using cigarettes, cigars, pipes, bongs, vaporizers or electronic cigarettes. You will not be able to smoke in prohibited areas which would include all village-owned buildings, plus parks, beaches, public access sites, fishing piers, trails and pathways. The smoking ban is hopefully going to help air quality and also limiting litter on the beaches and parks.

This is the first place to start a smoking ban and you have to wonder if this ban is going to evolve all around the state. The only drawback to this is that it is a self-policing policy so who knows how many people will be caught or if it will be really pushed this summer. You can see more about it here. 


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