Fast food has become a way of life for a lot of us. It is not without its issues though. There is the obvious, the food doesn't quite look like it does on the picture or commercial. We also know that you can get shafted at the drive through. If you don't check, you can be miles down the road before you realize your order is wrong!

With the help of, "Mystery Shoppers," a data company released an annual report on fast food spots. They checked out 10 chains at more than 1,500 locations nationwide from June through July. They found some interesting stuff. The average total time spent in drive-thru lines is 6 min less than last year. That is good, but it is still a minute longer than prior to the pandemic. The overall accuracy is still only 85%. I guess that is not horrible. This is how the common names fared:



McDonald's Quarterly Earnings Miss Wall Street's Expectations
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McDonald's was not only in the top for speed, but also for accuracy. We all want our order correct. We also are totally on board with their whole adult happy meals.

An Arby's Restaurant In Dawsonville, Georgia
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Arby's was first in accuracy, but the wait time in the drive through is a bit longer. It happens. They do have the meats though.

NZX 50 Index Constituent Companies
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Burger King finished near the top in a lot of the categories. It feels like BK doesn't have the footprint that it did a few years back. That is just our opinion.

KFC Menu Items and Restaurant
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KFC finished number one in speed of service, but they are down quite a bit last year in one category. Food quality. We think that is kind of important.

Taco Bell To Hand Out Free Tacos And Donate Funds To Childhood Hunger Campaign
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Taco Bell has dropped a bit in comparison to the last couple of years. They are number one in one thing: Food quality. We also give them credit for bringing back Mexican pizza and those clever nacho fries commercials.

For what it's worth, the most common error is including the wrong BEVERAGE. On the subject of beverages, Starbucks was NOT included. They covered ten of the big chains:

1. McDonald's

2. Arby's

3. KFC

4. Taco Bell

5. Burger King

6. Hardees

7. Carl's Jr

8. Chik-Fil-A

9. Wendy's

10. Dunkin

Raisng Cane's is coming. It is good and hopefully on this report next year. The Cane's sauce alone is solid food quality.

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