The Destiny's Child reunion was only one piece of Beyonce's monumental Coachella performances the last two weekends, but for diehard fans, it may have been the most special.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Michelle Williams—one third of the girl group that ruled the early aughts—dishes on how the reunion came together. She explains how she and Bey still talk all the time, so when she got the phone call she thought it'd be an invitation to lunch or dinner, not to perform at Coachella. But of course she took the opportunity to reunite with Beyonce and Kelly Rowland.

"I love performing with the girls. There’s nothing like it," she gushes. "Something happens when the three of us come together. I just love the power it shows, the unity that it shows, that no matter where we are in life—personally, career wise—that we make time for each other."

As far as the performances themselves, Williams admits Weekend One was a bit of a struggle. "I know the first performance, I wasn’t paying attention to nobody. I was just trying to make sure I was on my two feet, still standing," she says. "For me, if I make it out alive after the first 30 seconds of being on stage, then I can say, 'OK cool. We got this.' But then the second performance, I make sure I have friends and family in the audience, so I was kind of looking for them while we were up there."

And as for new music from Destiny's Child? Williams is all in. "There’s nothing better than singing with Beyonce and Kelly," she says. "We compliment each other so well in that area so they know that I’m down to perform, sign, tour, record."

Read the full interview here.


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