New laws passed for Michigan in 2018 include.....

Senate Bill #223 basically says that any police officer who is found guilty of unnecessary assault should not be allowed to resign (as he or she might successfully find a position at another precinct or station) but should be ruled as fired. Also, all officers who resign or let go will have a file stating the reason(s).

Yet ANOTHER new law says that any video footage taken by hidden body cams is exempted from public requests (but if you are actually in the footage, you can request it).

In March, House Bill #4716 kicks in.....this law states that parents will lose their parental rights if they allow their young daughter(s) to undergo the mutilation of their genitalia. Sounds strange, but unnecessary mutilation has become more frequent.

Another new law that began the first of January gives underage boozers a break - of sorts. If a minor is caught possessing alcoholic beverages, it's not a misdemeanor anymore, but a 'civil infraction.' In other words, minors will be fined $100 and won't spend up to 90 days in jail, as in the past.

Senate Bill #352 states a new requirement for high school coaches; they now have to go through concussion awareness training programs every three years.

There's obviously much more detail for each of the above and some other new laws as well. You can see the full list of new 2018 bills by CLICKING HERE.

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