There will be two sights to see in the night sky across the weekend in Mid-Michigan, we just need some clearer skies to see them. Yes we need these pesky clouds to go away for a night or two and we could see the Germinids Meteor Shower and the Christmas comet which looks green in our skies.

First off the Geminids meteor shower was expected to peak last night, 12/13 but it will continue to be in our sky for the next several nights.  According to MLive, which spoke with some experts on these two events, have said that as long as the sky can remain clear we will be able to spot this meteor shower. The Germinids meteor shower can be as bright as Venus is in our sky and emits white fireballs so they can be seen in the night sky. To see it better make sure to look at the darkest part of the sky and it should be best seen after midnight.

Also along with the meteor shower you will also be able to see the green comet, or the Christmas Comet. To find the comet, you will have to one be awake past 9pm and find the Pleiades star cluster (which looks like a miniature little dipper and should be in the eastern sky). You will need a telescope or binoculars to spot it as you will looks down from the star cluster to spot it. You will see a greenish glow of the comet will come into view and it will be almost as big as the moon.

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