How do you feel about recreational pot shops in your area?

There's a group in Meridian Township that would prefer to keep recreational marijuana shops out of their area and has started collecting signatures for a November ballot that would ban them.

Jerry Richards, the former Meridian township supervisor and member of the group 'Meridian Voices', tells Fox 47 what the groups intentions are.

Meridian Voices is a group of interested Meridian Township residents that have come together to support the collection of signatures so that we can have a referendum on whether recreational marijuana sales happen in Meridian Township.

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Meridian Township's discussion of recreational marijuana shops

Back in February, Meridian Township was discussing whether or not recreational marijuana dispensaries would be allowed. Trustee Dan Opsommer believes it's a good idea because they're safe and tested products.

For me, it’s a matter of access to safe and tested product and making sure that we have a regulated safe marketplace here in the township.

Richards says 'Meridian Voices' goal is to give individuals who oppose recreational shops in the area, a voice.

You can read the full story on Fox 47 website.

Legalization of marijuana in Michigan

In 2008, the state of Michigan made medical marijuana legal. In 2018, marijuana was made legal for recreational use. Governor Whitmer is also pushing to have it legalized on a Federal level.

At the beginning of April, Michigan's Clean Slate Legislation went into effect. It allows the expungement for individuals with certain cannabis-related felonies and misdemeanors.

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