Meijer, you know the place you might go to every other day, plans to invest more than $375 million in new and remodeled stores this year across six states.

The investment will include seven new stores which will be built here in Michigan along with Indiana and Wisconsin as well as remodeling of 22 stores. The new locations are expected to create about 2,100 new jobs. The two new Michigan stores will be in the U.P making it a first for the chain in the U.P.

The new stores in Michigan also come with 6 remodeling of stores with major overhauls for Meijers in Mt. Pleasant, Commerce Township and Algoma Township. By year's end, the chain will grow to 237 stores. Meijer also spent a lot of money last year on new stores, remodeling, and building more superstores, which you can see here. 


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