For years, Lynette has entertained her students while driving them to school, now she's trying to recruit YOU.

Lynette Bright Is Part Of A Campaign To Hire School Bus Drivers

Like many school districts across the state, the Waterford School District near Pontiac is in dire need of school bus drivers for the upcoming school year.

So they had one of their storied drivers< Lynette Bright, sing a recruitment campaign song to the tune of Bruno Mars' wedding DJ classic, "Uptown Funk".

It's hard to say yet whether the song struck a chord with potential bus drivers, but I can ask you, does this make you want to drive a school bus?

Lynette's Performance Garnered Rave Reviews On Facebook

It doesn't really matter if you do or don't want to drive a school bus, what's important is that Lynette has a lot of fans who love her singing, so much so that she is garnering rave reviews online.

Check out these comments from the Waterford School District's Facebook page:

Thank you so much Lynette! You’re an amazing bus driver and an altogether extraordinary human.


Wow, love that! Bus drivers are the first responders as they have the ability to make or break a child’s day! God bless all of them!!!!


The BEST bus driver ever. What an asset she is to your school district!!!


We love you bus driver ever..Evan just loved you... can't wait to show him this video


My daughter’s bus driver, wonderful and caring. Julie says hi and see you soon...


Oh my gosh! You go Lynette! We love you

You have to love the love!

I never had to take a bus to school, so I don't know how most drivers interact with their students, but it's clear to me that Lynette's a keeper!

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