Our driving time has lowered over the last few months, due to COVID, but according to MDOT accidents in work zones have not gone down. There are a lot of construction projects going on now through out the state, as many got started later. In work zones you are meant to drive slower and/or avoid them altogether. However, since there are less people on the road some have gotten the idea to go faster and speed through these areas. This is against the law and cause you to get pulled over, get ticketed, get fined heavily and/or get hurt.

According to MDOT, as of September, 730 people have died on Michigan roads. We still have three months to go and that isn't good as roads will get icier and more dangerous so this number is going to rise. Another thing bad about this is that it is an increase of 58 deaths compared to this time last year. In addition, the 58 deaths include 2 deaths by road workers whom were killed while on the job.

There are a few easy things to do while you are driving to avoid getting into or causing an accident the rest of the year.

  • If you see a road work sign start to slow down. You don't have to slam on your brakes but slow down, even if there isn't any road work.
  • Don't panic if you see road work. This is something that is piggybacking off of the previous tip, but if you panic in a road work area chances are other drivers will and it could cause an accident.
  • Minimize distractions. No cell phone while driving and especially minimize distractions when driving on a highway.
  • Obey MDOT road signs or MDOT road workers. They are the ones working to make the road better so if you aren't listening to them in their area of work, how do you think they will get the work done and make the road better?
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