I think we can all agree, that McDonald's is a quick and easy treat after a long day of work. The whole point of Fast Food is to just grab something quick and avoid having to go home, make a mess in the kitchen, and clean it up afterwards.

But, did you see that McDonald's is set to remove this from it's Michigan locations soon?

McDonald's Set To Remove Free Refills From Michigan McDonalds

Believe it or not, most foreign countries don't offer free refills like we do here in America. Water itself, isn't free at restaurant over seas where it would be for us here.

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It is estimated, that by the year 2032, that all McDonald's locations will remove self-serve drink location, and also stop doing free refills at some locations.

McDonald's did comment that they will leave it up to the individual franchise on whether or not they would offer free refills to their clients.

Why McDonald's Can Get Away With This

Unfortunately, McDonald's is one of the premiere leaders in Fast Food in todays world. So, they set the trend for many of other companies, such as Wendy's, Burger King, and more.

Daniel Pockett/Getty Images
Daniel Pockett/Getty Images

With the rising prices in everything, it has noted that the price of Fast Food in total is up 6.2% from the previous year of service.

I honestly, haven't been to a fast food restaurant recently, as it is much cheaper for me to eat at home with the food I buy no-a-days.

Do you and your family still frequent these places?

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